English Dub Review: Scarlet Nexus “The Moon’s Secrets”


Overview (Spoilers Below):

After fleeing from their respective governments last week, Yuito and Kasane continue their journeys in Togetsu. They find an all-powerful AI computer system and ask it questions about their world and the Kunad Gate. Meanwhile, Kasane is being handled by the Togetsu, who want to control both brains that have power over the fabled red strings. It’s going to take everything they’ve got to get out of this situation.

Our Take:

The twelfth episode of Scarlet Nexus gives our heroes new adversaries in a new location, along with a highly-suspicious dose of new knowledge. The Moon’s Secrets finds Yuito exploring the base of the Togetsu while Kasane is regaining her memories in a hidden location within the base. It seems like there’s a lot of exciting things happening, but it’s really a pretty low-key episode for the most part.

A lot of the stuff going on is just being shown to the characters, and thus the audience. Probably about half of the episode’s runtime is just Yuito and his platoon asking questions to a super computer and standing around while they listen to its answers. And a lot of those answers are pretty crazy. The hologram/computer/thing tells Yuito that a long time ago, the people of Earth left to live on the moon. Then they returned for some reason, which means everyone currently born on the planet is a descendant of moon people. It’s a weird revelation that kinda comes out of left field for me, but hey, Scarlet Nexus loves to throw insane stuff at the walls in hopes something sticks.

Kasane may not have access to the same super powered knowledge bank, but she’s undergoing an information overload of her own as her memories come back to her. It’s a little hazy still, but it seems like she did spend her childhood as a moon worshipper in Togetsu along with her mother and a cute dog, both of whom may have come to unsightly ends.

The episode ends with Kasane being broken out of her holding cell by Kagero, the ex-Togetsu member who bailed on the mission last week. Him returning and rescuing Kasane is like the least surprising surprise that could’ve happened, and I’m still a little confused at what exactly he’s up to, but at least Kasane has someone on her side who knows how to overcome these moon-loving weirdos. The two of them rush to find Yuito, who has been granted access to yet another super computer and is currently frozen by its magnitude.

So in the end, we learn a little more about Togetsu and get some further world building done. There’s the whole Kunad Gate thing to worry about too, since it seems like its expansion is definitely linked to Yuito at this point. Hopefully next episode will find Kasane and Yuito finally teaming up again and giving the show some much needed energy and forward progress. The Moon’s Secrets may have revealed a few new surprises, but it sure didn’t manage to be very entertaining while doing it.