English Dub Review: Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for my Retirement: “Mitsuha Visits the Royal Palace”

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Overview: Mitsuha (Trina Nishimura) rescues the King’s daughter in princess Sabine (Sarah Wiedenheft), building new relationships with higher-ups of the world. 

Our Take: Mitsuha’s day-to-day life is designed to throw her in the deep end of the world’s higher society. Her rescue of the princess, Sabine, highlights that formula. It does nothing to break away from it in any original way, making it feel repetitive. 

Mitsuha’s plan in upending a criminal trading company is charming though. It gives more opportunity for her A-list acting and goofy personality that makes her a joy to watch. Sabine is simple, but adorable in how deceptively smart she is. 

With a new adventure in a young girl, another enjoyable albeit breezy predicament is undoubtedly around the corner.