English Dub Review: Sakugan “END OF VACATION”



The jungle heat in the Labyrinth makes things hard going for Team Memempu. But it gets even worse when a sudden downpour leads to flooding that sweeps them away to an isolated island!

Our Take:

I always wonder how a show is going to sneak in their beach episode. When everyone lives underground I was REALLY curious how they would. Well, I guess when you’re in a tropical part of the underground and get washed up on a deserted island you don’t really need much of an excuse then? In fairness the fan service was very minimal and after Zackletu showed up in her swimsuit that was about it.

This one focuses a bit more on Memempu and Gagumber’s relationship and I finally felt some growth from Memempu. By the end of the episode, she felt that she was still a child and they were in fact the adults which were really awesome to see from her. Hopefully, she continues to grow like this. Really my only negative to the episode was how we just glossed over Gagumber and Zackletu’s fight. It was handled pretty well though with Zackletu mentioning she needed to throw that tantrum and then she felt better.


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