English Dub Review: Remake Our Life! “Produce Results”

Overview (Spoilers Below):
The roommates of Share House Kitayama are entering the final crunch for their doujin game, and if they can produce enough sales, Tsurayuki’s tuition woes will be solved. But as time starts to run short, Kyoya decides to prioritize deadlines over quality and creativity…

Our Take:
With Tsurayuki’s fiancé out of the picture, the roommates can finally work on the game in peace. However, that doesn’t mean they’re entirely free from the problems ahead. With the deadline on the horizon, Kyoya seems to have picked the worst times to make some changes. I don’t blame the guy for trying to make the best doujin game ever and pay for Tsurayuki’s tuition. Still, there are times when his ideas can overshadow others’ creativities.…or their futures.
One particular change Kyoya made was Tsurayuki’s script, which turned out good at first. However, Kyoya wound up making some adjustments to make it better. By that, I mean a lot of adjustments, which didn’t bode well for Tsurayuki.
The episode clearly shows the importance of compromising in group projects. Everyone has their own ideas they want to express in their project, whether it’s a movie or a simulator game. But if one person makes too many changes to their liking, it can lower the respect and confidence in others and ruin the assignment entirely. However, in this case, it can actually make a successful product.
After spending the remaining hours debugging the game, the roommates celebrate their hard work. Unfortunately, their celebration is cut short when Tsurayuki tells Kyoya that he’s dropping out of school. Tsurayuki stated that he hadn’t gone anywhere with his writing until he met Kyoya, meaning he’s been relying so much on Kyoya to fulfill his career. As a result, he decides to quit writing entirely.
Now, here’s where things take a surprising turn. Since Tsurayuki is dropping out and not pursuing his writing career, Kyoya’s future is changing, which isn’t exactly what he had in mind. But that’s not even the most shocking part. Kyoya then wakes up 11 years in the future, only to find that his current time has been altered. He is now a married man with a daughter named Maki Hashiba, and the lucky wife who birthed her is none other than Aki.
“Produce Results” doesn’t offer much urgency in Kyoya’s changes since his roommates are confident in his creativity. But it was humorous to see them struggle to fix the game’s bugs, including the game crashes and a character’s missing face. It wasn’t until the episode’s second half that it offered another exciting direction in the show’s seasonal plot. Kyoya’s attempts to remake his life have changed not just his future but also his roommates’. Kyoya’s alternate timeline has him being a father to his daughter, with Aki as his loving wife, but what about the others?