English Dub Review: Noblesse “Noblesse / Take Her Hand”


Raizel finally faces Raskreia and the clan leaders in order to prevent Gejutel’s punishment of eternal sleep and settle things down. When they finally go toe-to-toe, she decides to try to destroy him herself, but the clan leaders who serve her are unable to just stand by and watch. Only the Lord’s soul weapon, Ragnarok, holds the truth about what really happened in the past as the curtain rises on the battle between the Lord and the Noblesse…

Our Take

This was an outstanding episode to end the season. We learned what actually happened between the Previous Lord and Rai, but they’ve also managed to tie-up that particular loose end decently. I wish we could’ve gotten more background on some of the characters but the content itself was very good. With a particular shout out to Lord Raskreia’s character development.

The first half of the series was more of a slice of life with a little bit of action in between and the rest of the action didn’t pick up until the end of the series. I also felt that the pacing was more straight forward and not rushed despite its slow start, and things felt rushed and lots of new info was given the action was also top-notch for this series and felt pretty epic in certain scenes.

 This last episode finished on a good note to properly close the book on the story. I was hoping for some development between Rai and Raskreia after the episode’s big reveal, but things felt rushed and lots of new info was given. At the time of this review, there’s no word on a season 2, but if that does become a reality,  let’s hope it could top whatever action scenes that came before it, and maybe someday Crunchyroll will hopefully dub that OVA prequel.

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