Crucial information about the Hassaikai stronghold is revealed, and the heroes go on the move.

Our Take:

The time has finally come: the raid against the Hassaikai begins. It comes through fruition through Precure of all things, specifically a Hassaikai member in charge of supervising Eri buying a toy for Eri. Through that, Nighteye is able to use his Foresight on him, and pinpoint the exact location of Eri. That place is unfortunately in the Hassaikai home base, where things are the most heavily reinforced.

More of Nighteye’s anxieties come to the surface of this episode as well. As shown before, Nighteye didn’t want to part from All Might, and still highly respects him. The time when he used his foresight on All Might is directly shown this episode and is revealed to be the time when All Might was grievously injured in the hospital, likely because of All for One. That sent him into a panic, and it’s very likely that they had their fight on the same day. He is very doubtful about the future, as he believes it to be set in stone, even if he’d rather that not be the case. He also deeply cares for Mirio, and is moved by seeing Mirio motivated once again. While he initially sought out Mirio as a successor for One for All, he seems to be genuinely supportive and attached to his student. As harsh as he seems on the outside, he has a lot of heart on the inside.

Also, Iida is good. He had a relatively small part of this episode, but it was a great example of his and Midoriya’s friendship. Iida asks if Midoriya is okay, and reminds him that he can always talk if he needs to talk. He demonstrates that he’s there for Midoriya, and that he will listen if needed. he recognizes that Midoriya is suffering somehow, and offers his support, a direct callback to what Midoriya did for him during the Stain arc. This shows that Iida really has internalized that lesson, and understands the importance of being there for someone. Of course, this is a top-secret mission, so Midoriya can’t actually say anything, but that he has the option to moves him to tears. He has been suffering silently, and Mirio who feels equally guilty isn’t much help. But Midoriya has Iida, has his friends.

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