English Dub Review: Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation: “What Lies Beyond Effort”

Overview: With Phillip’s (Anthony Bowling) permission to use his books and Ghislaine (Rachel Robinson) and Roxy’s (Michelle Rojas) assistance, Rudeus (Madeleine Morris, Ben Phillips) does his best to learn the Beast God language. He also has his work cut out for him with Eris (Lindsey Seidel) as she struggles to learn the proper timing to dance in time for her birthday celebration. 

Our Take: “What Lies Beyond Effort” is an interesting look at how Rudeus and Eris struggle with different issues than simply that of swordsmanship and magic. The hurdles they must overcome are diverse and not just limited to what we’ve seen previously. Also in keeping with the message of the show, they are common problems that can occur in any one person’s life, in that of learning a new language and dancing. This, in turn, allows you to more closely identify with not only their trials and tribulations but them as people as well. 

It has also been thoroughly enjoyable to see the various types of lessons Rudeus has been teaching Eris. To give a challenge your all so you don’t come to regret not doing so later on in life, is especially impactful due to how much it hits home for Rudeus. Along with him striving to be better than he once was, it also acts as a compelling motivation for why he’d want to keep her from making the same mistakes he made previously. Not to mention how it’ll be much more fulfilling once you succeed at something difficult. 

Rudeus’s growth as a human being thus far has been quite welcoming due to how well-developed it has been. The ending moments of this episode showcases but another nice stepping stone for the young Greyrat in that he’s finally starting to get his morning wood under control. It’s heartwarming to see how he’s slowly learning to become more honorable with how he understands his role as a teacher in the respect he’s gained from Eris. The bedroom scene is also smartly written too. The subtlety and relation to the story Ghislaine told them about the superstition surrounding the ring Eris wears had me grinning ear to ear. This also shows how Mushoku Tensei doesn’t feel the need to spoon feed the audience with Rudeus thoughts or worse him saying them out loud all the time. It truly respects the audience’s intelligence. 

Jobless Reincarnation shows how our young protagonists come to grips with their hardships and push through, while also setting some time aside for character development along the way in yet another phenomenal chapter.

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