English Dub Review: Mix “When Spring Arrives”

That’s one fast lion.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

This week’s episode fills us with gunk until we get to the next baseball season. All of the seniors leave and a new manager is brought in in the form of Eisuke’s old friend and teammate Goro who has his lovely daughter and probable interest for To, Ms. Horoku Oyama. Also, it appears as the ace pitching position is now To’s to lose.

Our Take

Fans of Mix’s gameplay action will be disappointed mainly because there isn’t much of it this week. Instead, the episode is all about transitioning to another season where To is now center stage for numerous arcs that are set for the foreseeable future. That said, this is one of the more “rushy” filler episodes I can recall ever seeing. Almost like trying to cram too much in one episode with flashbacks, plot points for the future, and quick introductions for numerous, yet important, characters. I think I would’ve appreciated an episode of the show that focused only on the exodus of the senior level students and management even if this way did include a hilarious Men In Black moment in naming To the starting Ace. Mix sometimes gets a bit too dramatic in all of the wrong places, and when given an episode when you don’t really have any baseball-related activities going on, everything gets kind of bland and cliche which doesn’t help the series grow into its own.

John Schwarz

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