English Dub Review: Mix “The Heck with Meisei High School”

Is the drama in the right place here?

Overview (Spoilers Below)

On this week’s episode, the baseball team from Meisei Junior makes it through the prelim rounds of the national juniors, however, the bigger story revolves around an increasingly sordid past between So and To. Turns out, the duo used to be quite the rivals in little leagues as it pertains to being a pitcher. That said, in terms of popularity, we learn that To has nowhere near the amount of popularity as his brother and sister though that’s because the young pitcher doesn’t even try.

Our Take

As we progress through the English dub, the lack of baseball knowledge is really starting to show here. The mercy games are a real thing, yes, but there’s seldom a position called “backup pitchers”. It’s not a real thing. You have your starters, your relief, middle relief, lefties setups, and closers. So all of this talk of being an ace versus a backup is really quite silly and doesn’t make baseball sense. That said, I do enjoy when we peel back the onions that are the kids’ backstories and am eager to see just how complicated the relationship between the two brothers really are.

Lack of baseball knowledge could really get to me as the season wears on. If baseball is the point of your show, you should probably get that correct. That, and maybe let’s get a little more action in the field, yea? We get very short glimpses of the occasional hit or pitch, but none of the actual drama of the series is taking place in-game. Baseball has PLENTY of dramatic elements that one could build a show around, it’s time we started using them.


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