English Dub Review: Miss Caretaker Sunohara-sou “Ear Cleaning, Lost, Fireworks”

Synopsis (Spoilers Below)

The end of summer is approaching, which means the annual end-of-the-summer fireworks festival is also approaching. Before the festival, however, Nana and Aki decide to get an ear cleaning from Ayaka, for it’s, um…therapeutic qualities. Later at the festival, a frustrated Aki, tired of being treated like a child, runs off and finds himself separated from his friends. Aki immediately becomes remorseful, but thankfully Ayaka manages to find him just as the fireworks are starting. The episode ends with Nana departing for the upcoming school semester.


Our Take

There’s a bit more meat in this episode than previous ones, which isn’t enough to save the series from itself, but still a welcome surprise.  To see the group become genuinely concerned when Aki disappears is a nice reminder that his peers do care for him despite their jests. Nana’s departure is also a bit emotional since we did see them mingle and bond considerably throughout her appearances. Everything else about the episode, from the cringy fanservice and Aki’s grating voice are still present but are made more tolerable by the aforementioned tenderness.

Yesenia Coello

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