English Dub Review: Love After World Domination “Could You Please Tell Me Why?”


Haru knows Fudou’s and Desumi’s secret after seeing their picture and spying on them. She doesn’t say anything about it, which drives the couple crazy.

Our Take:

Jealousy always manages to find its way into a romantic comedy series. At the beginning of the episode, Desumi sees Fudou talking with Haru at a café. She’s visibly upset about it, but Haru really just wants to ask Fudou about the picture she say of him at the amusement park. In typical romcom fashion, there’s a misunderstanding and Fudou shares workout tips with her instead.

Desumi takes out her frustration on Fuduou during Gekko’s fight with Gelato 5. She normally holds back, but not this time. Desumi tells Fudou she’s upset about what she saw at the café. Fudou tries to explain, but Desumi actually isn’t worried about him cheating on her. Instead, she feels like Fudou should be with someone like Haru instead. Desumi feels like love is making her weak. Despite this, Fudou reassures her that she’s the only one for him.

Haru overhears their entire conversation and knows their secret. The couple is on edge because they’re waiting for Haru to reveal their secret, but she doesn’t.

Then the time comes for Desumi and Haru to face off while Fudou is off running an errand. Desumi defeats Haru fairly easily. Haru reveals that she loves Fudou and that Desumi saved her from muggers in the past.

Haru is rooting for Desumi and Fudou. She wants their relationship to succeed and she won’t do anything to ruin it. That being said, she makes it clear to Desumi that she’ll swipe Fudou up if something goes wrong.

This episode is full of romcom tropes, such as jealousy, misunderstandings, and the romantic rival. However, it’s still fun and wholesome like the rest of the show has been.

I like that we get to learn a little more about Haru here. I hope we get to learn more about the other members of Gelato 5 as well. I’m curious as to what their relationships with Fudou and each other are like. They haven’t gotten much screen time yet, but there are still opportunities.

I’m also curious if anyone else will somehow discover this secret romance. If the two keep going out in public, I feel like it’s only a matter of time. Regardless, this show continues to be an enjoyable romantic comedy. I’m always eagerly awaiting the next episode.