English Dub Review: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind: “The First Mission from the Boss”


As Bruno’s group is reunited on Capri it leads to a comedic scene where Fugo treats Guido of his injuries from the fight he was in, they end up being approached by Pericolo, a Passione member disguised as a janitor. Bruno then reveals that the treasure which was hidden inside a Men’s private restroom through the use of Bruno’s Zipper-Stand Powers, and Pericolo ascends Bruno’s Passione status from gang-leader to “Capo” in charge of Polpo’s turf. We also learn that his first task is to protect a young 15-year-old girl named “Trish Una”, (Voiced by Lizzie Freeman) who just so happens to be the daughter of the unknown Passione boss.

However, despite not knowing who her father is, Trish just has her mother’s last name and only knows who her father is by a past alias he used during his youthful indiscretions. And if that isn’t enough Pericolo stresses the importance that the Passione bosses identity must remain a secret as finding out equates to challenging the mob itself which puts Giorno in a bit of a quandary. And due to Trish discovering her heritage after her mother passed away from an illness 2 months ago, It consequently got the attention of a various Hitmen within Passione that had turned traitor and are searching for clues to the boss’s identity with the hopes that kidnapping and squeezing information out of Trish or killing her would bait their elusive boss out of hiding.

But as for the “Hitman” stuff, Pericolo was talking about, There is a small montage of who they are visually but we do learn one of them goes by the name of “Formaggio” and given the writing style of Araki, like most Jojo villains, underneath his easygoing attitude, he’s devoid of a conscience. Out of sheer happenstance Formaggio” comes across the passione member Narancia who may not be the smartest one in the group but is entrusted with shopping for supplies at Fugo’s behest. Upon invasively entering his car and attempting to interrogate him on why him along with the rest of Bruno’s branch aren’t at Polpo’s funeral/cremation, he goes into battle with Narancia, but in retaliation, Narancia attempts to impulsively dispatch this asshole with his miniature airplane Stand “Lil Bomber” that can blast enemies with real firepower but Formaggio uses his own Stand, “Tiny Feet” to shrink himself Ant-Man style and hide in Narancia’s pocket. The episode ends on a foreboding cliffhanger when Formaggio is quick to put the pieces together about what Narancia was actually doing, while Tiny Feet’s stand powers slowly take effect on Narancia.

Our Take

Judging from what little action scenes this episode had, this was mostly an exposition-dump of sorts to give actual stakes and urgency to the new role Bruno’s gang now has to fill in for Polpo’s status as a mob leader. As for the dubbed voice of Trish Una, I was quite impressed with Lizzie Freeman’s performance so far as has a small but decent resume of English dubbed anime & videogames she’s done. Of course, Trish acts like a Diva around the boys and at one point even twists Narancia’s arm, but I think the oddest part of her character is her outfit which consists of squared tiles of alternating shades with mathematical symbols patterned across parts of her collar and dress.

Judging from the focus shifting onto Narancia and given that the previous 2-parters focused on Abbachio and Guido’s backstories, I guess it’s finally Narancia’s time to shine. So it’ll be up to next week’s episode to see how such a poorly educated dude can hold his own in battle.

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