English Dub Review: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind “Let’s Find Polpo’s Fortune!”


(Possible Spoilers Below)

While Bruno explains the Passione Gang’s functionality and Totem pole/Tier system the most oddly specific thing that seems to stand out is that nobody really knows who their boss is or what he looks like despite the multiple branches the gang has within it’s Tier system as the concept of Trust is something the boss holds dear to the point that he remains elusive. After Giorno secretly used his Stand powers to indirectly kill Polpo by using his own gluttony against him, the news of Polpo’s apparent suicide doesn’t go unnoticed and spreads throughout the mob community. Consequently, Two gangsters also within Passione take an interest at a rumored “hidden treasure” Polpo left behind and Bruno supposedly knows about. But It’s here when Giorno (And by-extension the audience) formally meets his new teammates with each them also being Stand Users themselves. The team members consist of The tetraphobic Guido Mista who has the irrationally superstitious fear towards anything associated with the number 4, the poorly-educated Narancia, the reserved yet antagonistic Abbachio and the borderline psychotic Pennocotta Fugo who let’s just say really hates when people get math answers wrong…

The entertaining character interactions between the other within the rest of this episode help introduce us to each individual character as well as telling us how they fit together as a gang that’s worked and known each other for years. In some ways they kinda steal the show despite us only seeing and meeting them through Giorno’s perspective, even when Giorno plays it cool while seeing through the crude prank Abbachio had in store for the newbie like most gang often does as their form of “Initiation”, Giorno manages to make a good impression which also further shows the extent of Giorno’s stand powers used in clever & creative ways. Upon just Learning about Polpo’s death, Bruno immediately tells the gang to rent a boat and set sails to the money’s location, And knowing that if they were to claim the fortune, he would easily take that spot.

There is a small problem.  Rumors of the fortune have been spreading meaning the search for it won’t be without obstacles as on their way towards the specific location, an unseen enemy Stand ambushes them and systematically picks off Narancia, Mista and Fugo causing them to disappear without a trace but Giorno assures them they’re all alive by using his Stand to detect them but when Bruno orders Abbacchio to use his Stand to fight back against their attacker, Abbachio remains reluctant at first to show his Stand to the newbie, but the episode ends on an intense cliffhanger when Giorno does something ballsy to further prove himself in an effort to expose their attacker by purposely letting the attacker grab him. This not only impresses Abbacchio but motivates him to cut loose and summon his Stand for an ass-kicking.

Our Take

Great episode as always. Bruno’s gang is finally introduced along with the hierarchical-tier system the Passione gang has which gives us a clear idea of how much of a big deal their mysterious boss has to be to have that many people under him and yet nobody knows what he looks like. Considering the company that this unknown boss keeps, it’s quite a surprise that Bruno himself having a reputation both in work and outside of it to the point that he was entrusted with hiding Polpo’s treasure and he’s some sort of a local neighborhood hero where he’s based in. It must be very tough to find out that the cause of their youths’ descent to depravity is none other than the very drugs his organization has heartlessly peddled to the youth of his own causing a lot of conflict within him.

While the episode felt kinda short, most of the time was spent with us getting to know the new characters, and the established rumors behind Polpo’s fortune, and setting up the fight with it’s “Villain of the week” formula. But I’m kinda ok with that since the episode helped us get to know these newly introduced characters, and if there’s anything Jojo likes to do later in each of their Manga’s it’s setting up future character-arcs & storylines thereby giving each of them their moments to shine which is something I look forward to seeing in later episodes as the show progresses.

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