English Dub Review: ISEKAI QUARTET “Prepare! Field Trip”

Get in loser, we’re going shopping!


Lord Ains and Emilia announce to the class that an activity on the field trip to the beach will take place in order to strengthen class bonds. However, the students need to decide what said activity will be. A bunch of useless ideas kept getting tossed in (much to the dismay of an unimpressed Lord Ains) but then Subaru suggests a “test of courage” as a class activity. The students agree to the idea, and Emilia asks him to specify.

Meanwhile, Tanya & Viktoriya go to buy swimsuits at the mall. Shalltear and Albedo dive straight into a search for provocative speedos for Lord Ains. Kazuma & Aqua happen upon the pair, and Kazuma finally learns that Albedo is a succubus. He desperately wants to ask Albedo if she’s ever gotten frisky before, but Shalltear beats him to the punch and reveals that Albedo is a virgin. Albedo protests in embarrassment before Aqua declares that it’s noble to save oneself for the one they love, and that it’s more scandalous to stuff one’s bra (like Shalltear does.) This interaction leaves Albedo and Aqua on better terms, while the rest of the mall gang is left to hear Shalltear’s squabbling.

Our Take

This was by far one of the funniest episodes, right off the bat. Different types of character lines and interactions just kept getting funnier, and when compared to the first episode, ISEKAI QUARTET has grown to be entertaining. Characters from shows viewers haven’t even watched can become favorites, which says something about how the show premise is having a big effect on not only fans of any four shows — but potential fans which might come to them.

It’s very easy to hear that Kazuma’s voice actor is genuinely having fun in his performance, which causes him to excel — it also makes his dialogue even funnier. Subaru’s “sexy” suggestion which led to Albedo’s (and Shalltear’s) nosebleed bits was pretty laugh-worthy, considering how no one ever comments on the health implications of bleeding that much. Other characters’ dry senses of humor stole the show (Ram’s, “How about you sit down and shut up?” and Lord Ains’ “Great! No suggestions!” are noteworthy examples. Like, are we friends, or do we just have class together?) Speaking of Lord Ains (who is usually the most comical character anyway) it was great to see his patience wearing thin on everyone (“Does anybody have a GOOD suggestion?”)

With the mall scene, it was oddly heartwarming to see Aqua finally get along with Albedo (and additionally heartwarming to learn Albedo is saving herself for Lord Ains. Good luck with that, home-girl. Don’t listen to the haters who say he has no junk.) Only one thing: suddenly Aqua is giving a speech on accepting races and customs, yet has spent 99% of the show ranting about killing demons? Seems a bit hypocritical. Cultural sensitivity isn’t just for show, Aqua.

On a final note, there were mini animation sequences/effects that added an extra “pop” this episode (such as Subaru’s daydream sequence and in Aqua’s speech.) With this much quality, the rest of the show may have a pretty great finale to come!

Kayla Gleeson

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