English Dub Review: Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon II “Ishtar Familia”

Synopsis (Spoilers Below)

When Mikoto unexpectedly leaves for the evening, Bell and the gang (minus Hestia) are determined to figure out why. This leads them to Orario’s red-light district where it’s eventually revealed that Mikoto came there to track down a long-lost childhood friend who supposedly works there. As soon as that’s resolved, however, Bell finds himself separated from the group and even worse becoming an object of lust for the promiscuous Ishtar Familia. Bell is eventually able to flee from them, only to have an abrupt encounter with a soft-spoken and kindly renard (fox girl) named Sanjouno Haruhime.

Our Take

This episode begins with a comedic tone, especially since viewers are supposed to laugh at Bell’s misfortune. Still, it quickly becomes stale and becomes more unsettling than anything else. Nevertheless, we are given an inside perspective of the Ishtar Familia and their hierarchy as well as the internal strife that divides the familia (hopefully this will be brought up again in future episodes). Haruhime’s debut also softens the edge of an otherwise uncomfortable scenario, acting as proof that there are genuinely good people within the familia.

The episode’s dark descent begins during a heartfelt conversation between Bell and Haruhime, when the latter tells the other that she’s accepted her life as a prostitute and can’t even fathom loftier ambitions. Since she decides to help Bell escape from the district, they eventually part, leaving Bell heavy-hearted. The juxtaposition between the beginning and the end are like night and day but the episode transitions in a fluid manner. The ending will probably be a huge downer for some people — if not for Bell and Haruhime’s interaction then definitely due to the B-plot involving Hermes and Ishtar. And judging by the actions taken by Ishtar, it appears we have found our antagonist for our next arc.

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