English Dub Review: I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss “The Villainess Is Unforgiving of Evil”

Overview (Spoilers Below):
James turns into a demon at a different point from the original game, but Aileen decides he can still revert back and lets him escape. However, the student council member Walt Lizanis witnesses the scene and begins to doubt Aileen’s identity. In turn, she exposes Walt and Kyle Elford’s true identities and their mission. They decide to temporarily work together to solve the vampire case. Meanwhile, Mische Academy receives another statement from Ashtarte…

Our Take:
Aileen’s latest mission just got off to a rough start at the end of last week’s episode. She managed to find the culprit behind the mysterious attack on a Mische Academy student. Unfortunately, the culprit happens to be the student council’s president, James Charles, who surprisingly transformed into his demon form sooner than Aileen expected.
This scenario is another example of the show’s attempt to provide conflict in Aileen’s knowledge. Aileen has played the games more times than she can count in her previous life, so she knows almost everything about them. Yes, even when the characters do a specific action, like transforming into a demon. However, because of Aileen’s interference, the characters perform their actions at a different time compared to them in the original games. So Aileen would have to find other options to overcome these sudden changes.
It showcases that Aileen’s game knowledge isn’t 100% helpful when something occurs differently, which helps keep the series interesting for me. Sure, it still does little to its isekai formula, but it hardly matters as long as I am entertained by its scenarios. This continues in this episode, where Aileen discovers that she’s not the only one going undercover. The other council members, Walt and Kyle, are actually demon hunters searching for the demon that attacked the village and the students. So Aileen has to prevent them from knowing James’s true identity while helping them solve the case.
The episode focuses a bit more on the council members and the students regarding their personalities, with Walt and Kyle being hunters. It also showcases Rachel’s desire to be brave like Selena after fearing her fiancé’s behavior, leading to her joining the security team. There’s also Selena, who happens to have an affection towards Claude, much to Aileen’s jealousy. But, of course, this love triangle should be the least of Aileen’s worries, as James may have discovered her true purpose.
“The Villainess Is Unforgiving of Evil” offers a bit too much to comprehend regarding the characters. But it continues to leave an impression on me regarding its comedy and cliffhanger, mainly the former involving Aileen’s duck disguise. Also, whoever drew an ugly picture of Aileen certainly has a death wish.