English Dub Review: Heroines Run the Show: The Unpopular Girl and the Secret Task “What I Can Do”


Hiyori can’t help Aizo and Yujiro with their family circumstances, but there’s one thing the idols need that she’s very, very good at…

Our Take

This was probably one of the more entertaining episodes so far. The dream sequence, in the beginning, was definitely something, but part of me knew from the start it had to be one as it deals with the whole “Expectation Vs Reality” cliché on a subconscious level. We also got some good moments between the idols, as the reporters were being nuisances as expected but we got a nice bro moment between the two because of it and showed Someya’s determination to walk his path.

We also got an idol performance somewhat, but it was more for a montage of Hiyori getting the ribbons. On the subject of what happens to Hiyori kinda hurts. I didn’t realize when she first hurt her foot but that’s definitely gonna impact her running at school, but it remains to be seen if the injury she sustained isn’t a serious one though.

Overall, this episode did its job in setting up possible future storylines with the boys finally starting to warm to the protagonist and that’s some wholesomeness that’s greatly needed. I also liked the fact that the girl is very persevering. We know we all need that kind of wholesomeness and inspiration once in a while from anime shows. Besides that, that dash for the mini presents for the fans was quite energy-draining. Looks like she might have injured her ankle or sprained it, but I guess we’re gonna see what happens next…