English Dub Review: HAKYU HOSHIN ENGI “Insect”

Does this episode deserve Raid?

Overview (Possible Spoilers Below)

While the opening begins with a flashback to six hundred years ago that delves into more of Dakki’s backstory, it would’ve been more interesting if it was actually relevant to anything that happened in the episode, but immediately where we left off, Gyukutei sacrificed himself to save Youzen and Ohtenkun lets Taiko just leave without even fighting him, which I’m sure was done on purpose due to Taiko being a protagonist. It turns out in a reconned flashback to a previous episode that during his convo he had with Youzen, Ohtenkun poisoned him with something as indicated with a bizarre looking tattoo on his neck that reminds me of a spirograph design but gloats to Taiko that It was an “eye for an eye” scenario due to losing two of his men as well.

Back at what’s left of Konron Mountain, a good portion of the episode is spent on Taiko having a meeting with the other heavy-hitters within his circle to not only strategize, but also press the matter that due to the unpredictable powers of Ohtenkun and his heavy-hitters, they can’t just attack the base head on from within as they could be systematically picked off, and Taiko later discovers that Ohtenkun put some kind of parasite inside Youzen that will kill him unless They can kill the one who placed it there, but suggests they attack the base in separate groups through different routes. In a comedic montage, specific teams are decided, but Taiko is assigned to an Angel-looking dude named Fugen.

Meanwhile, Koh-Hiko and his son Tenka proceed to kick some ass in a comedic yet suspenseful scene which takes up another good portion of the running time with Koh & Tenka against an insect-looking creature named “Tohtenkun”, Taiko learns he’ll have to face off against Ohtenkun if Youzen’s condition needs to get any better but for the time being they look after him and give him a medicine, while Taiko launches his next plan of attack but the episode ends on a decent cliffhanger when Taiko decides to take it upon himself to battle Ohtenkun with the vow that he will protect the human world without them having to rely on Senin or Doshi.

Our Take

While I don’t know shit about old series or the manga it’s based on, I’m simply left wondering what the big deal is in regards to what Youzen is supposed to be that’s so Taboo? I know I cracked jokes about him looking like an Elf from “The Dark Crystal” but they don’t really explain the importance to what his species is or why it should be hidden other than away from enemies.

Aside from the politics within the show of Taiko learning to be less of a fuck-up, Koh Hiko and his son Tenka Vs Tohtenkun, was easily the highlight of this episode and aside from the opening that tried to delve more into Dakki’s rise to power, She had very little screen time to show us what she’s up to in the human world after inciting a war, or what’s even going on outside of the aerial air battle between Konron & Kingo mountain.

You earned it this episode Hakyu Hoshin Engi, for not becoming a confusing, incoherent mess compared to most of your previous episodes.


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