English Dub Review: ENDRO! “Princess Rona, Fait On!”

Fie teaches Princess Rona to embrace her feral side.

Overview (Spoilers Below):

Princess Ronia wakes up one day and realizes something – she doesn’t know much about her hero’s companions. She takes it upon herself to learn more about what makes them tick and follows each of them on some of their personal adventures.

Our Take:

Episode nine of ENDRO! was a surprisingly entertaining one. We got to spend more time with side characters, as well as learn more about Princess Rona. Plus, there was a multitude of funny gags and interesting bits of world building.

Starting with a closer look at the plot, it was very enjoyable. Rona’s developing feelings for Yusha are coming across as pretty overtly romantic at this point, and it’s only natural for her to be curious about the friends her hero spends most of her time with. I loved getting to see the forest that Fie was raised in, and watching Rona explore a more feral side of doing things.

The character work was pretty impressive in this episode. We’ve usually been so focused on the adventures of the hero group as a whole that there hasn’t really been time to explore the deeper traits and past histories of Yusha’s compatriots. But this episode marked a welcome change of pace, introducing backstory like Fie’s forest family and Mei’s tough cortado fighting friends. The humorous world building of the rough and tumble cortado basement that Mei takes Rona to was awesome. The revelation that Rona herself has some mythical cards in her own cortado collection was unexpected and very funny. If only Mei would have accepted them…

The English dub was reliable as always this week, with great performances from Rona, Fie, and Mei’s voice actors especially. Rona’s repeated references and comparisons to her party members from history only got funnier as they went on. When confronted by Fie about who carries extra textbooks, Seira response is great: “Me! Because you guys are always forgetting yours!” 

Princess Rona, Fait On! was a very good episode of ENDRO! that contained plenty of good gags and character development. Especially when it came to filling in Fie and Rona’s relationship, this episode delivered in a big way. It also provided further insight into Princess Rona’s feelings toward Yusha and how this may affect the team in the future. I look forward to learning new things and going on new adventures with Yusha and the squad next week!




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