English Dub Review: Dragon Ball Super “I’d Like to See Goku, You See: A Summons From Grand Zeno!”

Is this episode worth being summoned for?

Overview (Spoilers Below)

Picking up immediately after the last episode, Grand Zeno (AKA the Omni-King who is basically the boss of all 12 universes.) has expressed interest in meeting Goku for reasons yet to be revealed, which leave both Beerus & Whis extremely worried as they both fear Goku will easily offend the Omni-King which could have devastating consequences. It also feels like bad timing for Goku, because Bulma has nearly finished making the time machine and everyone wants to go to the future to take on Goku Black. However, Beerus & Whis believe Goku meeting the Omni-King should take priority. Beerus also warns Goku not to mention anything in regards to the Time Machine or Goku Black, but what got my attention the most is something Whis points out. Apparently, in each universe, the Kais and their Gods of Destruction are a set. So If one of them dies, all of them die too. This also means both Beerus & Whis might die if the Supreme Kai dies for example.

Using the Supreme Kai’s teleportation method for a quick ride to Zeno’s place, Whis encounters a short yet ominous blue man called the “Grand Minister” who is implied to have an established history with Whis judging from their casual conversation, but it goes to show that there are lots of other characters that are potentially stronger than all of the fighters we have known. After a long walk, Goku and the others finally encounter the Omni-King, but Goku remains blissfully ignorant as he doesn’t show proper decorum at first. but It turns out that Omni-King’s request is to just have a friend to play with. Although Goku politely turns down Zeno’s offer, he does promise to find an appropriate friend for him. Happy by Goku’s promise, Zeno gives Goku a magical Item that will instantly teleport Zeno to his location once Goku finds that particular friend. Of course not thinking things through long after their meeting, Goku later reveals to Beerus & Whis that he doesn’t immediately know who would be an appropriate friend for Zeno but will come up with a solution later.

Intercut between what’s going on with Goku, and Bulma doing the finishing touches with the time machine, we do have scenes that periodically show us what Zamasu & Gowasu up to. Zamasu is still in his twisted mindset that mortals are terrible people, and tries to justify this after witnessing planet Barbari’s lack of progress when Gowasu used his time ring for both of them to travel. Out of self-defense, Zamasu even slices one of the Cave-Aliens in half much to Gowasu’s dismay because for a Kai, that’s a substantial no-no. Long after returning to their world, Gowasu explains that existence as whole, needs to have a preserved balance between good and evil and despite Gowasu’s pleas that mortals should be protected & observed, it’s obvious that Zamasu doesn’t understand the philosophical concepts of “Gray Morality” and simply wants to eradicate evil (or at least whatever his twisted definition of evil is). While Gowasu admires Zamasu’s strong sense of justice, he also recognizes that his irrational views must be balanced with temperament. When we cut back to Earth. Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks proceed to use the time machine and after traveling 17 years into the future, the episode ends on an epic cliffhanger as Goku immediately encounters other futuristic dangers, while Trunks comes across a startling discovery.

Our Take

Despite Goku’s carefree nature upon meeting Grand Zeno again, he seems honest & direct with how he treats people, and Goku’s lack of decorum often indicates that he doesn’t care about authority which based on observation, Zeno finds refreshing. From Zeno’s perspective, it’s gotta be boring as hell if every individual he meets is scared shitless by the mere mention of his name or his presence alone due to his towering God-status.

I will say David Gray’s Dub Performance as Zamasu is starting to grow on me. At first, I thought it was a weird choice due to him sounding too much like James Marsters from Xenoverse 2, but his speech with Gowasu near the end was effectively unsettling. Given how we often see the ugliness of humanity when we watch the news and sometimes the internet, you can easily understand his mindset but at the same time, It feels wrong of him to not recognize that there are other species out there aren’t out to cause harm.

With our three Heroic Saiyan’s finally making it to the future, Only time will tell when they’ll fight Black again, but I can’t wait to see what happens next!


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