English Dub Review: Doreiku the Animation “Explosion”

Harder! Rougher! Faster! No, I really mean it! We only have 23 minutes left!

Overview (Spoilers below)

We start the episode seeing how Takio gets his jollies by shooting people in their underwear. Eia gets a hold on the Lion Man himself, and Ryuuo gets involved after hearing them talk, with donuts at hand even (talking about peace offerings).

We discover that surprise surprise, Eia’s insider is no other than Zero/Kiyo combo. With Ryuuo’s plan, Shinnosuke manly awesomeness and Eia’s…Eia? They infiltrate the enemy’s HQ, involve Takio into a duel, setting things on fire, punching scumbags with the hard knuckles of friendship and the power of butterflies, the group defeat Takio, rescue the prisoners and settles things among themselves.

With a coin toss.

Oh, yeah, Setagaya got away and Nerima promised to be good by freeing Ryuuo’s mom while being the natural creeper he is by secretly taking hostage of a very roped, very naked, Takio.

Our take

It comes to an end, as rushed and unsatisfying as we feared and expected. The show itself had great potential, but it was never exploited. From the star,t we have a kid that enslave a lot of adults, a mad scientist trying to be king, a guy with a legitimate case of Multiple Personality Disorder, a scumbag that likes to torture dogs and still from friends. For what? So an idiot with acute inferiority complex could get his five minutes of glory while making miserable everyone else.

I have to ask: Really?!

Nobody involved on this ever thought about what it really meant to control every aspect of someone else life and how such a power could be exploited to its fullest. A shame I said.

It was nice to see Lion Man punching Yuuga for what it was worth, and even that fake love confession was funny (though when they fake their relationship at the beginning makes you wonder if there is something more. I hope not, or Fujiko will be devastated). Ryuuo’s seems to show his true colors regarding Julia, which is still a creepy relationship and Ryuuo is being obviously lead by the older closet pedophile. And was I the only one that got the impression that Eia is a closet pyro? I mean, there was that scene with the money case. It certainly put things in perspective.

The Setagaya getting away, after being injured and sore, as well as the mention of a 23rd SCM (which I really thought were a lot more than that), is a clear, if poor, attends of foreshadowing for the second season. I personally don’t care. There is no way I would watch another one under normal circumstances.

Unless we have more of Best Girl Sachi. I am totally in for more Best Girl Sachi.


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