English Dub Review: Devils’ Line “Devils’ Line”

The true question is: is or isn’t this better than Twilight?

Overview (Spoilers Below)

Best Man Lee manages to take Tsukasa to Anzai and help him recover via oral blood transfusion, courtesy of Scar-chan. Not having enough, our Best Man convinces the police to not rain lead upon Anzai and sedate him instead, saving his life. He is Best Man Lee for a reason.

F Sauqad is disbanded, many are demoted, if not outright fired, and Anzai is forbidden to see Tsukasa again, due to the misconception that she was one of his victims, which was caught by the media at the same time that Lee is recorded “saving” her from the big bad devil.

Anzai’s dad history is shown at last, and we can say that in context, I’ll explain more about it later, it was sadder than I anticipated if kind of cliché. Anzai is fired and, after the eternity long time of 10 weeks, Anzai and Tsukasa are back together, and it seems hornier…I mean, more in love than ever.

Our take

Despite my skepticism, the final chapter managed to address some question and loosely, and you would take this with a grain of salt, wrap up some plot lines. A lot of them are still unanswered though.

We still don’t know what’s up with Kikuhara’s craziness, and there must be a reason because the guy is definitively not stupid. I cannot see other reason for Anzai’s father decent to the dark side if not other than make Anzai’s and Tsukasa’s love history more relatable. Even the tragic ending? You may ask, and I can say that things will take that turn, but it would be awesome if it did. Cruel, true, but awesome and impactful/meaningful nonetheless. One of the things that I disliked the most of this anime is that Best Man Lee, one of the best characters by far, ends up with little love and screen time. And he is not the only one.

I asked around to people that actually read the manga and, as I understood the issue, a lot of things were taken out on the adaptation and the result is that many characters backstory/development were sidelined thus resulting in no sense ending for many of them and outright confusion for many that did manage some screen time through all the series.

The romance, I think, was not properly handled, and the social aspect that was tried to be address felt week/cartoonish must of the time. The pacing of the overall plot development felt rushed, though some things did manage to surprise me, not because they were unexpected but because the Production dared to showcase it despite being risqué (Anza and Tsukasa extreme make-out session under the vigilant supervision of researchers, in the name of science of course, comes to mind).

This anime was a classic case of missed opportunities. The idea has immense potential but was totally mishandled. Do we wait for the second season? Hopefully, the answer is “no”.



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