English Dub Review: Darwin’s Game “Sunset Ravens”

Overview (Spoilers Below):

After seeing how Wang and the Eighth clan butchered his friend, Kaname’s had enough. For the first time since he entered Darwin’s Game, he initiates a battle and begins his wrath of vengeance. Together, he and Ryuji take out every last member of Eighth Clan. Meanwhile, Shuka keeps Wang occupied with her wickedly sharp and sneaky chains. The harder he tries, the more limbs he loses. Eventually, Shuka delivers him to Kaname, who ends the battle with a finishing blow.

Afterwards, Kaname decides the Sunset Ravens have a new goal. Seeing the brutal effect that the game has on people, he sets his sights on eliminating the game entirely. This message is a big one, but all the team members are onboard. This proclamation causes the Game Master to be at arms, and he puts Kaname under special surveillance. As the Sunset Ravens continue with their new mission, they outlaw any D-game activity in their territory.

Our Take:

Well, when last episode’s climax ended on Kaname shooting Shinji at point blank range, it was obvious that something had changed. Seeing another one of his friend’s drawn into D-game and killed by his blood crazed enemies snapped something inside of him and he’s never going to be the same again. By the end of Sunset Ravens, the entire clan has a whole new goal to pursue, and it’s not going to be easy.

Seeing Kaname’s progress in this episode was both exciting and really depressing. All this time, he’s tried to rise above the rest of the villainous murderers in Wang’s gang. He’s seen them as just having to do what they do in order to survive the game, but after having yet another friend killed, he’s had enough. He chooses to eliminate every single member of the clan in order to satisfy his need for revenge, and I don’t necessarily think it was the right choice. Who is he to decide which members deserve death and which don’t? It would be one thing to only go for Wang, because that’s entirely justified. But killing Shinji was a step too far, and I’m still not sure how to feel about the new Kaname who calls them “trash” and doesn’t hesitate before wasting them all.

The battle between Shuka and Wang was one of my favorite scenes in the episode. It’s just so satisfying to see the almighty and feared Wang get outsmarted and beaten down by the Queen of Chains. The quips she made were golden: “God must’ve made you by accident.” Wang getting put in his place felt so good. It was definitely intense, and by the end, it did seem a little too much possibly. Wang is just such an idiot that his thirst for blood blinds him and he’s basically helpless in front of Shuka’s powers. “It’s like trying to fight some kind of souped-up jigsaw,” he says.

By the end of things, Kaname may have exterminated the Eighth Clan, but he still feels like it’s a loss overall, despite what the game may say. His new attitude still has room for mercy, and the Sunset Ravens rule about only killing when necessary is one they try to abide by. Only time will tell if they’re able to make good on their promise to eliminate the Game Master and end the game, but by the end of Sunset Ravens, they’ve made a good start at it. The Game Master has Kaname under special observation, and I’m curious to why where they would go from here. The season ends here, but it’d be nice if there’s more in the future for those of us who don’t care enough to pick up the original manga.


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