English Dub Review: Boogiepop and Others “Overdrive: The King of Distortion 5”

The strength was inside you all along.


The King finally reveals himself.

Our Take:

This is the last episode of Boogiepop, and it also wraps up the King of Distortion arc.

We finally realize who and what the King of Distortion is, not something created by Teratsuki, but someone that simply used the Moon Temple incident to further his own desires. He has the ability to turn someone’s feelings and emotions into reality.

Boogiepop seems to have been against the King, but that isn’t true- after all, the King is a newborn and hasn’t properly come into being. He was created from an emotion, specifically the massive guilt that Tanaka felt about Kamikishiro Naoko. Naoko, as we know, was the girl who showed kindness to Echoes and ended up being murdered by the Manticore. Tanaka was dating her, but his feelings weren’t that of romance, not even after her death. Considering her dying didn’t change that, Tanaka felt extremely guilty, and so his guilt manifested in a distortion of his own– the King. As such, the King remains in Tanaka’s form as a default,

In fact, the King has a distortion of his own, having been mapped from Tanaka. Boogiepop doesn’t think his actions are wrong, but he personally does, which is why he expects to be greeted as an enemy. Objectively, he is completely neutral, but if he perceives himself to be evil, then he can only feel evil. His powers seemed to have caused more good than harm, for the main characters that he interacts with end up being able to confront and move past the memories that have harmed them. Viewing your own distortions face-on and finding the strength to overcome them is actually a form of therapy in a way, so the King surprisingly caused more good than harm.

Most important is Niitoki, who faces her feelings head-on. She was also part of the Manticore incident, but what made her pay attention was her unresolved romantic feelings towards Takeda, who is dating Miyashita. She was ashamed of her feelings, but upon being confronted by the King, resolves herself to move on. In the end, she is able to do just that, giving Takeda a handshake of good faith, and even sending him towards Miyashita.

In the end, all wraps up, everyone goes home all the more whole, the King survives, and Boogiepop finally finds their first friend in Takeda. A small, happy way to end the series. Nice job, Boogiepop.

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