Overview (Spoilers Below)

 It turns out one of their own Black Bull members, Gordon may hold the key to information about the Devil species and clear Asta’s name. In response to this, the Black Bulls along with Gordon visits Gordon’s family with Asta, Secre, Gauche, and Grey. It’s quite refreshing that we learn a bit more about a lesser-known supporting character as we also learn about various members of Gordon’s family who specialized in curse magic who at one point used to make a profit in it, but Gordon joined the Bulls instead. As Gordon asks his father more info regarding the devil species, but of course this info comes with a price.

In a separate subplot, Noelle visits Captain Dorothy and given how screwed up Noelle’s family live is due to the unwarranted amount of cruel and abusive bullshit she had to endure since her siblings frequently blame for her mom’s death, Noelle demands answers to know how her mother really died after her oldest brother Nozel later admitted it was not Noelle’s birth that killed her. For safety’s sake, Dorothy takes Noelle to her dream world so they can talk freely. Within the dream-world, Dorothy goes into the nitty-gritty details that manage to further re-contextualize everything we know about Noelle’s upbringing and it’s quite an eye-opener. But the episode ends when Gordon’s father shows Asta a cursed map showing the devil curses that remain currently active within the kingdom, including one at the Bulls hideout, which they assume to be Henry. Another powerful one is in the capital but the most powerful is far away in the Heart Kingdom.

Our Take

Aside from the comedic Addams Family-vibes Gordon’s family gave off, this was a very interesting episode. The plot moved at a natural pace and was sprinkled with huge revelations about the whole story. Gordon asking his father for help in their research of the devil species, was albeit straightforward to simplify their needs even better. As for Noelle, inquiring Dorothy about the past of the Silva household. While it was great that Noelle got a small sense of closure that her mother didn’t pass away by giving birth to her. Can we bring up the major elephant in the room of Nozel keeping such a secret as big as this for god knows how many fucking years without being able to talk about it with others for a very specific reason?

While you can make the argument that in recent episodes Nozel sort-of redeemed himself and complimented Noelle for holding her own in combat, Part of me remains pissed off that despite the understandable nature of why Nozel would withhold this info, It only makes Noelle’s backstory all the more tragic. I mean Solid and Nebra just blindly went along with Nozel’s bullshit in treating her like garbage? I don’t care if Noelle proved herself and saved their douchey asses during the Elf-Arc! Nozel deserves a punch to the face for simply pointing the finger at Noelle all those years who had absolutely nothing to do with their mother’s death in the first fucking place! And with the way the episode ends, I’m curious to see the world of Black Clover expand beyond the clover kingdom as they now set their sights at the Heart Kingdom for answers.

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