English Dub Review: Black Clover “Another New Member”

Check my member.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

This week’s episode is all about fitting in on multiple accounts. We spend about five minutes with Yuno getting into it with his new group, The Golden Dawn, while Asta is getting cozy with his team The Black Bulls. Both write letters back home, and then we’re introduced to a deep dive into who Noelle is.

Turns out, Noelle has been more or less ostracised by her royal family of whom represent the Royal Eagle Squad due to the fact that Noelle can’t control her magic. Fortunately for her, The Black Bulls aren’t giving up on their new team member, and that includes Asta.

Our Take

Who woulda thought that Asta, the long shot at the beginning of this tale, is slowly becoming a source of reliance and even stature for The Black Bulls? It didn’t take long, and I’m excited to hear more of Jill Harris’ take on “Noelle” because she sounds like she’s going to be a perfect complement to Dallas Reid’s high-octane take on “Asta”.

Not as heavy on the action this week, but the action scenes that DID happen, they happened with merit. We’re at the early onset of this series folks, it’s gonna be a marathon, not a race, and these are the important episodes that become more important for later.


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