English Dub Review: Angels of Death “I swear to God.”

Choose your path.


Rachel encounters a gravedigger that’s obsessed with her.

Our Take:

They encounter the next boss of the floor- Eddie, who is a child obsessed with digging graves. It seems like death, and the art of gravedigging is how he manages to show how much he cares for someone. In this case, the target of his obsession has become Rachel, and he spends most of the time writing her letters and promising her an important death.

Rachel has come this far just so she can die- and the only reason she cooperates with Zack is so that he can kill her at the end of things. Eddie offers an alternative, to quickly give her a method of death, but it turns out that isn’t exactly what Rachel wants. In the end, it’s not just plain death- she does want some sort of meaning to it, deep down. Zack reminds her that their promise, as morbid as it is, is still a bond, and she can’t just succumb to any kind of offer.

It seems like each floor master is a killer of some kind. Each with their own method, they hunt down and kill those they encounter on their floor. We know that Zack has been publicized, but everyone that Rachel encounters is aware of who she is and everything about her. It’s not surprising that there’s information on Zack, because he was originally part of the facility, but that they have information on Rachel implies that this has been more of a planned operation. She wasn’t chosen at random and picked off the streets, but rather seems to have been specifically selected for some reason. We don’t know what that reason is and no clues have been given so far, but it’s very cryptic.

Overall, I don’t think that this is doing the horror genre very well. While a game is atmospheric, the anime doesn’t have the same feel. It seems like the only parts they’re trying hard on is the different ways that people will die, and that doesn’t work if you don’t feel suitably creeped out. Yamishibai manages to accomplish this in the span of five minutes- and even if those shorts are hit or miss, there’s still some that hit. So far, two-floor masters are down, and it still feels like a miss. I want to like this because I’ve heard so many good things about the games from my friends, but it’s making it really hard.


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