English Dub Review: Angels of Death “’cause you are my God, Zack.”

A selfish witch.


Rachel faces down Gray, and the witch’s trial.

Our Take:

We learn a little bit about Gray, and how he seems to be somewhat of an orchestrator. He seems to be the one in charge of this place, and how he has a disdain for those who have (a Christian) faith. He saw how people routinely take God’s name for their own devices, and smear their places of worship with his assumed image, and took this as a blasphemy. The death cult of judgment that he’s set up is in place to test those who cling to faith and see if their depiction of God is enough for them to endure the trials, all while Gray observes.

Ironically enough, Gray has himself become one of the things that he criticizes. Even though he looks down on others for using God in vain, his conclusion is that God doesn’t exist, so he acts in God’s role in this building. However, that is using God for his own purposes (collecting data to rationalize his theories), and no matter how he spins it, he’s being massively hypocritical. At the same time, he’s malicious yet not, he’s an observer at the end, and so Rachel doesn’t kill him- simply because he isn’t directly standing in her way.

Then there’s Rachel. Rachel, as we’ve seen, isn’t passive but is rather malicious in a muted way. She will get rid of anything in her way, but at the same time is completely unaware of how selfish she is.¬†Rachel faces down Gray’s trial and reveals it to all be an illusion. Interestingly, she doesn’t do it by denouncing anything that Gray says, besides his final judgment. She doesn’t believe that she’s a witch, but she is aware and doesn’t care about the carnage she’s left behind. She is still very selfish, she still just uses people but isn’t pleased to admit it. Altogether, she’s an instigator and is uncaring about the responsibility that comes with that role.

However, she is fond of Zack. She’s no doubt still using him and cares mostly because he’s the only one that’s willing to kill her, but she does seem to care for his wellbeing. At the very least she wants him to live, and continue their journey together, at least until he finally kills her. In the end, she puts in an immense amount of faith in him, but at the same time- this seems to be more reverence, than anything healthy.

Her memory loss comes into play at the end, where she finally remembers something-something that she desperately doesn’t want Zack to find out. But Gray seems to know, so there’s no way that will remain a secret for long.


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