English Dub Review: AfterLost “Suspicion”

A detective is on the case.


A detective from the police force, Negishi, gets involved in the case.

Our Take:

This episode was actually more engaging than the previous three although granted, that’s not an entirely hard bar to jump over.

This episode focuses mostly on Negishi, a young cop who is following in her father’s footsteps. Her father was a well-respected detective, and she later became a determined detective as well. She finds Takuya’s hospitalization curious, and in looking into the incident, becomes wrapped up in the problem too. She senses that there’s a lot more than she isn’t being told, so she decides to put in the time to make her own personal investigation.

She and Yuki form a connection, where her positivity about the unknown inspires Yuki. Even though many people have assumed that her father is dead, she isn’t deterred by that and is still following after him regardless. This touches Yuki, who has the chance to reconnect with her father, and she trusts in Negishi. Yuki tells the whole story to Negishi, who then is filled with the desire to help her. Negishi looking into the incident aggravates the top brass, but she keeps going on.

What she realizes is that the company that was experimenting on Yuki and her brother following the Lost incident also knew about it beforehand. Their business negotiations all ended up in their favor thanks to Lost crippling their competitors. That would make Lost more than just an unnatural disaster, but a conspiracy. Why did they want to engineer Lost, and what are they truly after? This raises a lot of necessary questions. Negishi finds this all out, triumphant–

And then… they kill her.

Her death itself isn’t surprising since it was said fairly early on in the episode that there are spies for the company everywhere. Based on the previous episodes, we can guess that they’re militant, well organized, and ruthless. They wouldn’t hesitate to get rid of anyone that’s being a potential nuisance. Of course, considering this series already has a fair track record of one fake-out death per episode, Negishi could very well be alive. I sincerely hope she is because she’s the best thing that’s happened to the show so far. On the off-chance that she isn’t though… they sure killed off an engaging character for the sake of killing someone off.

This show is a mess.

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