English Dub Review: AfterLost “Future”

It’s finally over.


Yuki and Takuya confront the evil corporation’s president.

Our Take:

This series finally ends with a mediocre ending, which is pretty much all this series can hope for. That’s the best it’s going to get, but it’s still not good.

I feel like this all would’ve had much more of an impact if we had even the slightest idea of how dimensional travel works. We know Yuki has powers, that she only exists in this dimension, and that she’s the connecting thread between the two. However, we know absolutely nothing about the original dimension that Yuki’s father and the evil corporation head came from, so we have no idea why their plan is so urgent. We don’t know anything about the other dimension, so we can’t even sympathize with their plight. And we sure don’t know that Yuki suddenly has the ability to pick and choose which dimension gets to live or die.

We know that Yuki has powers and that her being an anomaly and being in the epicenter of Lost at the time meant that she had access to the Tama-shi and their powers. We know that she’s a unique existence, and is able to deal with the particles in Lost by herself. We don’t know that she has the ability to potentially warp time and space and possibly merge two universes. That sure came out of nowhere. Had there been even an iota of setup to this, then her picking the present, even if the present is full of pain, would be much more meaningful. Instead, we get this random tidbit out of nowhere that she essentially has god powers. Cool, I guess.

The evil corporation head suddenly has powers of his own, which is a surprise. It didn’t seem like he had any before, and they were a phenomenon post-rift, but he has them now? Sure. He also becomes a giant monster. I guess. Why not.

A baffling finale with a typical shonen-type ending. Everyone continues on with their lives, nothing regarding the Lost changes in the present. I can’t say I’m particularly surprised, but at this point, I’m so jaded with this series that I’ll just take whatever’s thrown at me. At least it’s finally over, this outlandishly bizarre middling anime experience. Still not as bad as the weird time travel island anime, but this one was pretty wild, and not in a good way.

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