English Dub Review: AfterLost “Decision”

Looking back.


Takuya and Yuki are told something drastic.

Our Take:

This episode is the calm before the storm, and that’s very clearly shown, focusing more on the down time of the characters following some key revelations.

The first being that since Lost is an unstable place between dimensions, it is also highly toxic as well. There are particles in the area that cause mental shutdowns and eventual death just by being exposed for a short period of time, which makes it nearly impossible to do reconnaissance expeditions. This hinders both sides, for Lacuna and Takuya/Yuki, as the land is untraversable for both parties. Of course, this revelation means that the two scientists that sent Yuki and Takuya into Lost in the first place were knowingly putting them in danger. However, they’ve become attached, and decide that the two of them shouldn’t be risking their lives anymore. This brings up the fact that they were okay doing so in the first place, but feel remorseful about it.

On the other hand is Lacuna’ president, who I feel we finally get his name only now? Maybe I’m wrong, but it sure feels that way. Instead of feeling remorse, he continues on with his mass human experiments, even taking the life of his devoted secretary in the process. It’s still unclear exactly why he’s so hellbent on recreating Lost, because it doesn’t seem like he cares about anything but himself. And results. Either way, now that he has the data that he needs, both parties will be heading to Lost at the same time.

I do think that somehow, Yuki being a child of both dimensions will make her immune to the particles, but that won’t help Takuya. Unless Takuya manages to make it through via Yuki’s powers or some other plot contrivance, then things aren’t looking very good for him.

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