English Dub Review: A Sister’s All You Need: “Becoming the Protagonist is All You Need”

Wherein a card game is played, and people get naked.

Overview(Spoilers Below)

Collapsing after being awake for three days, Itsuki gives his new manuscript to Miyako to deliver to Kenjirou. Similar to Itsuki, Kenjirou is out of action after pushing himself too hard, and his assistant has been having troubles of her own. Miyako offers to help by checking in on Kani, who hasn’t turned in her manuscript either. She goes to see Kani, and the two immediately strip. (Naturally) Miyako offers to help Kani in any way she can, who just absolutely needs to lie down on Miyako’s lap to recharge her batteries. Using her incredibly dexterous typing skills, Kani hammers out the whole thing on her phone while lying on Miyako’s lap.

Miyako returns to the office and sees that Kani has been putting her editor through a lot of trouble, and the two don’t mesh like Itsuki does with Kenjirou. But, with Miyako’s kind words, Kani’s editor admits that she really does like Kani and her work.

Later, everyone is having dinner at Itsuki’s house. Miyako tries to hide the fact that she got naked with Kani to help her out with writing. Adult beverages are consumed, and the group decides to play a card game called “Once Upon a Time.” The goal is to use the cards in your hand to write a story, manipulating the game and using the cards to tell a story. The story quickly spirals out of control as Kani takes things in a perverted direction. Despite everyone’s efforts to take things seriously, Kani makes everyone in the story naked and lewd. Things reach their climax as the protagonist ends up fighting a giant with his ten foot long “Magical sword dick.” Much to her dismay, Miyako ends up finishing the story of this newfound “Dick swordsman,” weaving a tale that’s both enchanted and completely perverted.

As the game ends, everyone breaths a sigh of relief. They relax and recount this bizarre tale they’ve just constructed, but admit that it was a pretty exciting thing to witness. The girls go home and Kani passes out on Itsuki’s bed, leaving just Itsuki and Haruto to talk over their beers. Haruto asks why Itsuki doesn’t just go out with Kani. There’s an awkward silence between them until Itsuki admits that he does indeed like Kani, but that he won’t date her because it would make their book publishers lose their minds. Furthermore, Itsuki would lose his pride as a writer if they were married, since Kani’s fame would overshadow his attempts at making his own career happen. He declares that he wants to be the protagonist of his own story, and he would be happy to go out with her once he sees himself as “equal” to her. Haruto presses Itsuki about what that means, and while Itsuki doesn’t really know, he says that making an anime would be a good start. Haruto praises Itsuki for his ambition, and the episode ends with a shot of a blushing Kani, who was just pretending to be asleep and heard Itsuki’s feelings the whole time.

Our Take:

This is another solid episode of A Sister’s All You Need, successfully blending lighthearted drama and lewd comedy. It’s not as raunchy as the other episodes so far, but trades off perversion for some good character growth with Itsuki and Haruto at the end of the episode. However, this episode dragged a bit on the storytelling card game they were playing, which didn’t really contribute to the episode at all save for a few yuk-yuk penis jokes. All in all, it’s not bad; it’s cute and charming, which is about what one should expect from this show.


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