DVD Review: Our Cartoon President Season One With World Class Amenities

A little something for that gift card.

By design, Our Cartoon President is going to be an animated comedy that will always have a mixed reviews kind of tenure. At the end of the day, you have to be someone that isn’t a fan of the Trump administration, and then you have to love anti-Trump humor so much that you can ignore the fact that the leader of the free world is usually the topic of 90 percent of the conversations on late night talk shows, the news, and Twitter. Stephen Colbert has reaped the benefits of Trump’s silly rhetoric and has revived The Late Show brand to the top of the class in terms of late-night. As a result, now’s the time to strike for Stephen to more or less accentuate his brand for other opportunities. With The Colbert Report it was with books and hosting gigs, with The Late Show, his first true off-shoot is Our Cartoon President. 

Derived from a Bob Bergen-voiced character that made his debut on The Late Show previously, an animated Donald Trump character eventually became the star of his own show for Showtime known as Our Cartoon President. Our season review of the show is here, and it’s a mixed review. But if you’re a huge fan of Our Cartoon President, even if you’re not, this home release should be respected in its execution. Featuring all 18 episodes of the Showtime’s first-year run including the recent election special, and of course, a highlight of the rousing musical number is a bevy of special features that should satiate any hardcore fan of adult animation regardless of your affinity of the franchise. Not only do we get episode intros and commentaries with the episodes from the show’s producers, but we also get a special note from Stephen Colbert. We probably could have done without the table read, and show producer RJ Fried is too super a producer to keep on the sidelines. This home release is proof of that.


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