“Drawn And Recorded” Kicks Off Fourth Season For Audience Network

We’ve got stills, synopses, and a trailer.


The animated docu-series genre is alive and well, and as such, we have just kicked off the fourth season of Audience Network’s Drawn & Recorded which airs Friday nights @ 10pm ET/PT.

For those that don’t know, Drawn & Recorded is animated retellings of famous musicians’ past stores. This season sees a chockful of musicians and you can see which ones are slated to premiere this season as we have ep descriptions of the first ten of twenty episodes that have been produced. The series is produced by Drew Christie along with Van Toffler and Bill Flanagan with narration done by T Bone Burnett.

EP01: Leonard Cohen – Field Commander Cohen
In a bid to stand up for a cause during the Communist Revolution in Cuba, Leonard Cohen finds himself in more danger than he anticipated.
EP02: MF Doom – The Mask of Doom
MF Doom was not always the music villain we now know him as. Once upon a time, he was Daniel Dumile, and his rise to villain-dom was a rough and painful journey.
EP03: Carter Family – Border Radio Waves
One lone radio broadcast from Mexico had some interesting and unexpected results involving the Carter Family, faraway lovers, and none other than Johnny Cash.
EP04: Townes Van Zandt – Waitin’ Round To Die
Townes Van Zandt gives fellow country singer Steve Earle a scare that he’ll never forget.
EP05: Bono, Buffett & Blackwell
Is there a better way to visit Jamaica than in a sea plane with Bono, Jimmy Buffett, and Chris Blackwell? You would think, except things don’t go quite as planned…
EP06: Parchman Farm
Sometimes a little time on a prison farm can forge you some of the strangest connections – Bukka White and Elvis Presley would know.
EP07: David Bowie – Bowie’s Brother
If anyone knows about loss, it’s David Bowie.
EP08: The Beatles – Magic Alex
The Beatles certainly got a taste of the “magic” provided by Magic Alex, but it’s probably not quite what they were looking for.
EP09: Grimes on the Mississippi
Grimes takes an adventure down the Mississippi River, inspired by none other than Huckleberry Finn.
EP10: Sister Rosetta’s Wedding
Sister Rosetta set a standard not only for rock ‘n’ roll, but also for the future of extravagant halftime shows.

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