Disney+ Developing “What If?” Marvel Animated Series

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Slashfilm is reporting that a Marvel What If? animated series is currently in development for the Disney+ streaming service. The series will reportedly will be closer to the MCU universe than any of the Marvel animation happening today, including the possibility of actors reprising their roles from the feature films, but won’t be considered canon which, if you’ve read the comic books, shouldn’t surprise anybody. One premise potentially being worked on is what would happen if Loki was able to control Thor’s hammer. We have a couple of problems with the story…

Our Take

For starters, I guarantee Kevin Feige isn’t overseeing shit. Jeph Loeb manages Marvel television specifically as it pertains to animated series inspired by the comics brand. At best, Kevin’s gonna maybe check out a script or two to make sure it doesn’t mingle with the live-action films which, similar to the way Ridley Scott does it with the Aliens franchise today when new movies and games are proposed. Next, if this series is being produced for the Disney+ service, this would probably be a show that looks/feels similar to the garbage we get on Disney XD today. As a result, don’t expect many, if any at all, will be featured in any of the animated series and certainly not the likes of Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Hemsworth as all have expiring deals as it pertains to Marvel. In the past, the likes of Clark Gregg, Hayley Atwell, etc would most likely be the tier of guest voices we’d get on Disney XD and would follow suit on the Disney+ platform. Disney’s deal with 20th Century FOX closes next week, and the media conglomerate is spending more than they thought for their suite of streaming services which includes ESPN+, most of Hulu, and now Disney+, the company will look to be prudent in the years to come with it’s expenses.

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