“Detroiters” Star/Creator Sam Richardson Teased For Guest Appearance On Dream Corp LLC Season Three

Get me some Detroit pizza, please.

Season three of Adult Swim’s Dream Corp LLC is currently in production, and we can tell you that Detroiters creator/star Sam Richardson will be in an upcoming episode of the series in a not-yet-disclosed role. Despite positive reviews, Sam’s Detroiters was canceled after two seasons on Comedy Central, but the actor continues to stay busy having made appearances in Ralph Breaks the Internet, Champaign ILL, and a bunch of other stuff so he’s definitely not sitting around taking naps all day (unless if he does).

DREAM CORP LLC is a workplace comedy series set in a neglected Dream Therapy facility. Each week a new patient is treated and occasionally cured by absent minded dream therapist Dr Roberts (Jon Gries) and his unremarkable staff.

DREAM CORP LLC is an original series that combines a live-action workplace reality with a rotoscope animated dream world. Created, directed and executive produced by Daniel Stessen. Executive Producers include John Krasinski, Stephen Merchant, Allyson Seeger and Kahlea Baldwin.”

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