DCU Animated Originals: DC “Justice League Vs The Fatal Five” Confirmed ; “The Long Halloween”; “Batman: Hush” Rumored Casts

Rather familiar cast.

DCU Animated Originals has officially announced the voice cast for Justice League vs The Fatal Five and it reads as follows:

The film features Kevin Conroy, Susan Eisenberg, and George Newbern reprising their roles as Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman from the DC Animated Universe. The film also features Diane Guerrero as Jessica Cruz, Daniela Bobadilla as Miss Martian, Noel Fisher as Brainiac 5, Tara Strong as Saturn Girl, Kevin Michael Richardson as Mister Terrific, Elyes Gabel as Star Boy, Peter Jessop as Tharok, Tom Kenny as Bloodsport, Matthew Yang King as Persuader, Sumalee Montano as Emerald Empress, and Philip Anthony-Rodriguez as Mano and will be released on August 6, 2019. Watch a trailer here. 

The story centers on the Justice League battling a group of time-traveling villains who are in search of budding Green Lantern Jessica Cruz.

Also, Revenge of the Fans has some fun rumors on casts for animated adaptations for Batman: Hush, Superman: Red Son, and The Long HalloweenBoth are all expected to drop later this year. Keep checking back for additional information as we get it.



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