DC Universe’s “Harley Quinn” Gets It’s Scarecrow


DC Entertainment has a streaming service called DC Universe that is out now and one of the series currently in development for the service is a brand-new animated spin-off of Suicide Squad called Harley Quinn. We’ve got 26 episodes on the way clocked at 30 minutes a piece each coming in 2019. The series sees Harley along with a host of other selections from Gotham’s rogue gallery (Poison Ivy has been confirmed) be featured in a series that will see the “Queenpin” of crime try and take over a post-Joker Gotham City.

Now we know that one of those other rogue gallery villains to come from probably the most famous gallery in comics history will that be of the eponymous “Scarecrow” voiced by Rahul Kohli who joins the recently announced Kaley Cuoco as the title character that was revealed at NYCC last week.

Our Take

How deep will Harley Quinn go in Batman mythos? Will the series attempt to build up its own original character list or is it just going to be characters being chased around by ol ‘Bats”? Hard to say at this juncture, but so far it appears we’re retreading the same paths that Batman already owns.

John Schwarz

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