In the only DC Fandome panel that pertains to us, the Harley Quinn cast and crew gathered for the virtual event in order to discuss the origins of the production and its best moments, as well as to answer some fan questions. Everyone had their own interesting thing to mention about how they were brought onto the show, with Kaley Cuoco being brought on during the days she had been putting together her own production company, “Yes, Norman” Productions, while Alan Tudyk, Ron Funches, and Executive Producers Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker having worked together previously on another, short-lived comedic DC Comics related project, Powerless.

In regards to how balancing the the absurdism with the realistic, supervising producer Jennifer Coyle points out how a priority to see how to make Harley even crazier. Handling iconic characters like Joker is an interesting experience for Alan Tudyk, as it swearing as the Clown Prince of Crime feels surprisingly natural. Lake Bell mentions how odd it is that she and Cuoco have put life into a relationship that so many identify with despite it being formed through this odd virtual experience of never quite being in the same room with her co-star. Ron Funches mentions how his take on King Shark was just being told to be himself, which used to not be as welcome for him. Justin Halpern discuss the development of their version of Bane, specifically a design that shows Bane doesn’t work on his leg. And on the topic of a third season, they still don’t have any confirmation yet, but the planned focus seems to be on developing Harley and Ivy’s budding relationship further.

You can watch these highlights and more here. Both seasons of Harley Quinn are available on DC Universe and HBO Max.

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