DC Announces a Batman: Hush Full-Length Animated Movie

Holy shit.

DC and Warner Bros. might be struggling to catch up with the powerhouse that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but there is one thing that DC has always had a leg up on their adversaries. The DC Animated Universe Movies continue to keep fans happy, with amazing fan-serviced films coming out each year. With San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, many fans were hoping that DC would announce their plans for the future of animated films.

And, boy did they deliver.

With the most recent Batman animated films focusing on modern storylines, like in Batman: Bad Blood, many were expecting DC to continue on that path. Additionally, last year’s Gotham by Gaslight, and this year’s Batman: Ninja, opened the doors for DC to create any film from their Elseworlds library. However, it seems DC is getting back to basics by focusing on what fans want, and bringing us one of the most popular Batman stories ever, Batman: Hush.

Batman: Hush is a bestselling 12-issue run created by comic legends Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee. The story features a slew of recognizable faces from the Batman bullpen including Superman, Nightwing, Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and the Riddler. But, the story centres around a fresh new character that shakes Batman’s world to the core, Hush.

There is no news yet as to who will write or direct the adaptation, but they are aiming for a release in the summer of 2019. We will have to wait and see if DC can meet fans expectations with this highly celebrated book. DC has also announced Justice League vs. The Fatal Five and Wonder Woman: Bloodlines as part of their upcoming film slate.

For now fans have another DC Animated Movie to help tide them over. Death of Superman is planned to have its first screening at SDCC this weekend, and will be available digitally on July 24, 2018.

Jesse Bereta

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