Confirmed: “The Boondocks” Are Coming Back With A New Season

Hot off the press.

Executive producer Carl Jones has been preaching for a “proper fourth season” of the legendary Adult Swim series The Boondocks and it looks as though that’s a definite. John Witherspoon, aka the voice of “Granddad”, has noted on the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience that The Boondocks is currently in pre-production for a new season. No word yet if producers Brian Ash, Carl Jones, and creator Aaron McGruder are involved. I know the voice of Huey and Riley, Academy Award winner Regina King has noted in multiple interviews that she’s down to return whenever, so it seems we’ve got a lock there. In the meantime, former producers for The Boondocks, Carl Jones and Brian Ash have two shows on TV, The Jellies, which is ongoing now for Adult Swim and Sugar and Toyswhich premieres June 9th for Fuse TV.

Based on the original comic strip Boondocks, Two young brothers (Huey and Riley) move away from their birth city to live with their irascible grandfather out in the suburbs. With one brother being socially and politically motivated and the younger brother a stereotypical black youth who likes rap music and culture etc Biting socio-political commentary ensues when they meet a whole cast of crazy exaggerated characters set in a mainly white middle-upper class neighborhood.

Update 6/12: Sony has confirmed the return with Aaron McGruder back in the saddle.

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