Ten issues in and this thing is still a headache.

Usually when an issue of a comic kicks off with a big huge plot hole, like prehistoric citizens using visual media to report on the fact that they have in fact discovered visual media, you don’t expect a lot more going forward, but this month’s issue of The Flintstones was actually pretty funny. For starters, Barney and Fred discover porn, and Clod’s use of drones is draining the economy.

To be honest, the Clod presented in this comics series is closer to the Fred Flintstone that I remember than the actual Fred Flintstone that’s in these pages. There was some sort of a strand of a story featuring a prehistoric depiction of Wernor Herzog, but the plot went nowhere rather quickly, and even Barney and Fred’s fascination with porn really didn’t go anywhere in terms of setting up any sort of dispute that needed to be resolved. Instead, The Flintstones these days like to focus on the social issues that plague us today and retell them in a prehistoric manner. Some may call this “Just like the good ol’ days of The Flintstones” except the good ol’ days of the franchise actually featured jokes and funny characters and whatnot. This comic continues to not of that.



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