Comics Review: Steven Universe #15

Find out if you should get the newest Steven Universe comic.

Overview (Possible Spoilers Below)

The comic begins as Garnet asks Steven to help her partake on a secret mission between the two involving a search for “two volatile gems” within an ancient Gem temple somewhere in the Icy mountains. Given that both the Gems within this temple are element-specific, they need to be contained a little differently, with Garnet having un-fuse herself into Ruby & Sapphire who’s elemental powers accommodate fire & ice respectively to get these Gems out of this Temple, but of course, their mission isn’t without obstacles.

Much of the story devotes itself to Ruby & Sapphire tasked with this specific purpose, with the only major obstacle they frequently encounter is having them thrown in a repetitive loop each time they try to escape with the Gems, but as it turns out, Garnet had an ulterior motive for Steven to be part of the mission and eventually figures out why he was there in the first place, and the story ends on a fun note when Garnet fuses back, and the two celebrate their small victory.

Our Take

Once again, the consistent and continuous joint-efforts of writer Grace Kraft and recurring artist Rii Abrego keep things familiar & fun with their entertaining “Lost Episode” format.

This was a decent one-shot story between Steven & Garnet, To me, what was easily the biggest plot-hole was the roundabout way of Garnet letting Steven figure out why he was even there to begin with rather than actually tell him what his task was. It’s clear that the story itself would’ve been much shorter otherwise, Not to mention Garnet understands the two halves of her fused self and how flawed they can be better than anyone else.


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