Comics Review: Rick and Morty: Presents: The Vindicators #1

Does the long-awaited spin-off deliver?

Courtesy: Oni Press

Quick…you’ve got forty pages to convince me that the Vindicators successfully come back from the dead, Pickle Rick is resuscitated and that we have a good enough reason for all of this to happen in the first place.

Fortunately, Rick and Morty: Presents: The Vindicators #1, doesn’t take itself too seriously and constantly reminds you that crossovers and superhero movies are overtly silly and really nothing more than a cash grab. Often these movies don’t get into the same conversations of Oscar-winning films, and likewise, this new quarterly from Oni Press won’t confuse you with some of the greats in superhero literature like The Watchmen, but it’s a fun deviation from the Rick and Morty proper comics series. The dialogue is a bit murky, but the plot is a bunch of fun and it features guest appearances from a litany of Rick and Morty’s yesteryear characters that should appease the hardcore fans.


John Schwarz

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