The comics are officially older than I am.

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This month’s issue of Rick and Morty features a bit of a backstory with Krombopulos Michael in “The Life and Death of Krombopulos Michael”. Turns out, Mike’s had some history with Rick Sanchez even before the whole situation went down with Rick giving the weapon that was meant for that fart that was killed in “Mortyknight Run” Morty intervened.

“Rick Identity #3” switches from a possible switch up of Summer and Morty’s minds to that of a mind-fuck of a storyline where we might not even be in a correct universe and that everything is programmed. Almost like a Matrix concept but clones of Rick show up at the end.

Our Take

“The Life and Death of Krombopulos Michael” wasn’t all that entertaining in terms of dialogue or even the premise. At the end of the day, Krombopulos Michael was a bit player in the verse of Rick and Morty and not a very interesting one at that so I question the decision to put a magnifying glass on him.

Fortunately, I rather liked “RI#3”, the premise took a wild turn as compared to the last two strips, but it’s got this classic sci-fi quality in that on first read you may not even fully understand what the hell is going on here, but then bits and pieces start to make better sense as time goes on. To somehow get that out of a reader with barely a handful of pages, quite a fete.


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