Comics Review: Regular Show #5

So, the first 2 part story ended with a bust. Does this one fare any better? Well, the review will tell all.



The issue opens up with Mordecai still in the Haircutbot, and Rigby is still being useless. The haircut is done, and it is utterly ridiculous. He’s got a staircase on the back of his head! Then, Mordecai goes off on the shop clerk, which leads Haircutbot to get revenge by cutting off the top of Mordecai’s head. Rigby saves the day, and gets the clerk in the chair ass first, and the robot lops off his ass. Skips fixes Mordecai’s messed up do, and all is well.


Mordecai and Rigby are eating at the kitchen table, where Rigby is getting very wasteful with his food. Mordecai warns him to not to be wasteful, because it will attract the Freegans. The Freegans end up taking over the food pile Rigby has, and try to stage a coup. Luckily, Skips saves the day like he always does, this time by just being a trusted friend of the lead Freegan, Gristle agrees to leave, to cause chaos at the local Italian restaurant.

I may have said it during the last RS comic review, but it needs repeating. The art in this issue is so good! If you’ve seen Beavis and Butthead Do America, the Rob Zombie-inspired art is just creepy, and it fits so perfectly. The art direction overall plot of the issue was strong and had the ability to span two issues but with an ending that was well worth the effort.

Freegans, however, was pretty lame. Hippy leprechauns invade because of uneaten food? Come on, that was lame. The art direction, however, definitely went back to natural Regular Show. Overall, this was a good issue, and worth the read.

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