Comics Review: Futurama Comics #82

Is the digital-only version of the comic as good as the print one?

Courtesy: Bongo Comics

“Burning Mom”

The Planet Express gang heads to “Burning Mom” a festival similar to the Reno, Nevada held event, however, this one takes on an entire planet. There are Phantom Menace style races with vehicles that hearken back more to Mad Max and the opportunity to blow up the planet in the end. Unfortunately, Bender kind of commences the crescendo a little early and that’s why New New York has two suns.

Our Take

I think those who have read Futurama Comics for a while will welcome the shorter digital adaptation available exclusive on the Futuramaland App (for only $2!). The same silly gag-filled fun is still prevalent, this quarter’s issue featuring fun nods to the aforementioned Star Wars, Mad Max, Transformers, even Hanna-Barbera cartoons. If you’re missing your Futurama on TV, comics and games are the best way to go if you want some new and original Futurama entertainment!



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