Comics Review: Booster Gold Flintstones Annual #1

Also, The Jetsons offer a sneak peek of which we also have an opinion.

Courtesy: DC Comics

Unfortunately for The Flintstones, the DC comics revival has been nothing but a lackluster and boring shell of the original primetime animated series. Ham-handed efforts at being topical mixed with the horrendous character designs have made the effort even worse than a lot of the morose dialogue.

Fortunately, Booster Gold is here to help! For those like me that don’t really like the DC comics take on The Flintstones will be happy to learn that Gotham City’s least busiest superhero saves the friggin’ day, offering a hilarious effort that makes this Annual the best issue of the series so far.

When aliens invade Gotham, the very broke Booster has to go back in time and figure out why the invasion is even happening to begin with. Turns out, it was kinda his fault as he killed a peaceful messenger from an alien world. To fix it, Booster teams up with Fred, Barney, and the rest of The Flinstones gang to save Earth.

Laden throughout the issue is the comedic muscle this franchise has been missing. The dialogue was spunky and fresh, and not bogged down with “trying to make a point”. Unfortunately, while this bit of info has no reflection on the review, it appears The Jetsons reboot is going to go down a similar path akin to The Flintstones in terms of infusing a once affable primetime animated series with a dose of “reality”.

And this is why we can’t have nice things.


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