Comics Review: Adventure Time Comics #24

Once upon a time in the west.

Courtesy: Boom Studios

This issue is a western parody, with Jake feeling the vibe as an incident occurs in the Candy Kingdom. Someone has caused a big incident in the middle of the kingdom and has forced many of the occupants to flee in terror. In the process, they have stolen the most precious tub of ice cream.

The duo goes through the typical tropes of a Western, from trying to get a posse to recruiting mysterious and possibly dangerous people at the local saloon. While it’s pretty obvious that they’re just pretending to keep the adventure vibe fun, what they find ends up imitating the old time westerns fairly well. The terrain is dangerous, and the ranches are filled with unforeseen surprises. Still, the heroes press on, accompanied by a Banana Guard that didn’t know better, and a hooded tracker that they met at the saloon.

When we finally meet the culprits, it turns out that they’re not really that bad after all. They didn’t steal the ice cream because they knew it had value, but rather in the hope that it would possibly cheer their mom up. Their miscommunication ended up with them turning to thievery than asking what’s actually on her mind- her missing her husband- but the duo is here to save the day.

In the end, the big winner is actually the Ice King. It’s fairly obvious that he’s the one in disguise the whole time, and that he’s gunning for the true prize: the ice cream. As Finn and Jake help the family out, the Ice King takes off with the ice cream and eats it happily in his castle.

At the same time, just because the Ice King made off with the prize doesn’t mean that he’s the only winner. Thanks to Finn and Jake, the family has been completely reunited. The two kids didn’t know that they even had a father, and now that the parents have been reunited, they can be a proper family. They still stole the ice cream, but what they ended up getting were a happy mother and a full family. Finn and Jake may not have succeeded at their original goal, but they have done the right thing in the end.

Altogether, this is a cute issue. It’s fun for those who like Westerns and Adventure Time, and it features a nice story with a happy ending. Why not go pick up a copy?


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