Steven and the Crystal Gems have wrapped up a devastating battle.  The results of which leave Beach City in ruins right before tourist season is about to begin.  Thankfully the whole township decides to pitch in and help clean up the mess.  Everyone works hard all day to get as much done as possible, and a beach party gives them a chance to unwind.  Pearl, however, is feeling guilty for what has happened and struggles to relax until everything is fixed.  As she pushes herself to the edge of exhaustion, Steven is the only one able to help her calm down.


Our Take:

It is rare enough for any action-focused media to acknowledge the aftermath of a massive battle and the impact it would have on local areas.  Only Steven Universe would take that opportunity to teach a valuable lesson about stress.  It is those added little moral stories that separate this series from all of the other shows.  The heart is equally as valuable as the action.  In fact, this comic skipped over all of the battles and went directly into what happened after.  And, Beach City would be a town that comes together after a devastating attack.

What is surprising is that this is another moral-focused plot considering the last issue was much of the same.  One would hope that more action would be mixed in to create a more diverse series.  Not that these are sweet little reads, but they should be dispersed between more fun.  Honestly, I probably would have enjoyed at least watching the end of this epic battle that has caused so much trauma for Beach City.  Of course, you never know what to expect next.

I also had a more difficult time connecting with Pearl’s struggles here, or even why it became such a significant issue.  Pearl is a protective character and so much damage happening so close to home is obviously going to impact her.  Her friends should probably be able to recognize that and support her.  Further, she is aware of her differences from others, and it doesn’t align with her character to get upset that everyone else needs a break.  So, it is curious why she didn’t just put her head down and try to lead by example.  And, her friends would understand and respect that she just needs to do as much as she can right now.

All in all, this was a quaint little issue to read.  There may be some things missing like action and humour, but sometimes the heart needs to take the stage.  Unfortunately, they could have tried to give us a little more life in this book.  A bit more of Amethyst’s humour, appearances from other Crystal Gems, or one splash page of the gang with their swords drawn could have added a lot to this book.  Either way, Steven Universe fans will be happy to read this one, and hopefully, it means big things are on the horizon.

Jesse Bereta

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